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The Olmsted County Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) is located in the City of Rochester, in Olmsted County, Minnesota.  The facility is managed and operated by the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.  Funding for the PSTC was made possible by the State of Minnesota and Olmsted County.  Primary construction of the PSTC was completed in mid-2013 and boasts a $3M tactical/live Class B burn tower that is available to both fire and law enforcement for multi-purpose training.  Also available are a Class A burn box, driving track for emergency vehicle operations training that includes a skidpad, 50-yard and 200-yard firearms ranges capable of handling any rounds from .22 cal up to and including .308 caliber rounds and a Police K9 training yard with agility equipment, article pads and contraband hides.  Please click on the links above to learn more information about each training tool that is available.