• 50-Yard Range (Click Here For More)

    • This range is 20 lanes wide capable of conducting high capacity basic weapons training and qualifications.  However, at 100 feet wide, this range is versatile enough to set up multiple advanced shooting courses for individual or team training so personnel can be exposed to multiple shooting angles, positions and live-fire scenario training while on the move.  The Meggitt GranTrap bullet trap will capture anything from .22 caliber handgun rounds all the way up to and including .308 caliber rifle rounds.  The range perimeter sides are guarded by Hesco barriers the entire length of the range and will stop bullets from exiting the range should a shooter’s angle to the bullet trap be compromised at any point during a course of fire.
  • 200-Yard Rang (Click Here for More)

    • This range is 5 lanes wide capable of conducting basic and advanced weapons training and qualifications.  With 200-yards of distance, a Meggitt GranTrap and a separate steel target sand trap, this range is extremely versatile for advance and withdraw courses of fire.  Although primarily utilized as a rifle and sniper training range, handgun courses are welcome on this range, too.
  • Tactical/Live-Burn Towe (Click Here for More)

    • This 4-story building is the gem at the RPSTC.  At approximately $3M to construct, this tower can be utilized by multiple public safety disciplines.  For the firefighting side, water-based smoke can be pumped into any or all rooms to simulate signs of fire.  There are two Class B (propane) gas burners inside on the second level of the tower featuring multiple mock-ups for different scenarios and rollover and flashover burners to add to the realism of training.  In addition to live-burn operations training at the tower, firefighters can experience search and rescue, ladder operations, ventilation operations, ropes courses and forcible entry to name a few.  For law enforcement training, the tower can be utilized for scenario-based training including the use of airsoft, building clearing, gas mask training, cell block entry and cell extraction just to name a few.It truly is a state of the art facility available to any public safety agency in the Southeast Minnesota Region.
  • Class A Burn Bo (Click Here For More)

    • Even with the state of the art Burn Tower about 100 feet away, it is imperative for firefighters to get real live-burn training with materials that create real, hot and black smoke.  Rather than soot up the Burn Tower and limit its use for other public safety agencies, the Burn Box was created specifically for firefighter training.  Fire Trainers can create different fire animals and direct the flames and smoke by opening different ventilation points so that new and veteran firefighters alike get real world experience before they need it.
  • Emergency Vehicle Trac (Click Here Fore More)

    • Most public safety agencies have certification requirements when it comes to operating an emergency vehicle.  The track provides ample space for ambulance, fire truck and law enforcement vehicle operations training.  Probably the most comprehensive training is that of law enforcement.  Our track includes a perimeter figure-eight roadway that allows vehicle speeds to get to highway speeds for short distances, which increases the overall safety of our track.  It boasts a pad large enough for multiple precision driving and evasive maneuver exercises and a separate, large skid pad for required, state mandated, skid control measures.  Currently, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office hosts state mandated EVOC training for law enforcement in the Spring and Fall of each year.