This 4-story building is the gem at the RPSTC.  At approximately $3M to construct, this tower can be utilized by multiple public safety disciplines.  For the firefighting side, water-based smoke can be pumped into any or all rooms to simulate signs of fire.  There are two Class B (propane) gas burners inside on the second level of the tower featuring multiple mock-ups for different scenarios and rollover and flashover burners to add to the realism of training.  In addition to live-burn operations training at the tower, firefighters can experience search and rescue, ladder operations, ventilation operations, ropes courses and forcible entry to name a few.  For law enforcement training, the tower can be utilized for scenario-based training including the use of airsoft, building clearing, gas mask training, cell block entry and cell extraction just to name a few. It truly is a state of the art facility available to any public safety agency in the Southeast Minnesota Region.