• Investigating Elder Abuse (April 25)

    • This training will provide law enforcement and prosecutors with information & strategies to more effectively recognize & investigate elder abuse cases.  Attendees will learn to identify forms of elder abuse, describe factors that influence an investigation, and learn ways to conduct effective investigations, specifically in cases of financial exploitation and neglect.
  • Officer Rescue Training (April 30)

    • Rescuing a downed or wounded officer who is still in the line of fire or in danger is a skill that is not often taught to patrol officers or line personnel, but will be invaluable when the critical event happens. There is no time for Swat and lives are at stake. This one-day course teaches the necessary skills of Officer Rescue in a variety of situations with open discussion and field FTX’s.


  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (June 6-7, 10-11, 13-14)

    • Filled Courses:
      • June 6 - Both the AM and PM sessions are filled.
      • June 7 - AM session is filled.
      • June 11 -Both the AM and PM sessions are filled.
      • June 13 - PM session is filled.
    • This course is designed to certify attendees in emergency vehicle operations as required by the MN Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. Students will receive access to a digital presentation that can be completed at their own pace.  Students must pass (80%+) a written examination of material learned in the presentation prior to attending the practical portion of the training. Prior to driving exercises, students will have time to review their examinations and get their questions answered by instructors. During the practical driving portion, students will refresh their driving skills on a challenging emergency vehicle operations course. The course will conclude with a comprehensive exercise designed to put all the skills students learn to use in a controlled environment.

  • Instructor Development (June 17-18)

    • This is a specially designed 2 day Instructor development course for currently certified Law enforcement instructional staff. Methods, techniques and information are constantly changing and instructional staff must keep up with new and emerging instructional methodology. This course is designed to update your instructional skills and bring greater focus to your programs and students and provides an excellent environment to grow as an instructor. You will be challenged, inspired and recharged. 

  • Patrol Ambush (June 27-28)

    • This 2-day course is designed to enhance your skills to not only survive, but dominate an ambush attack. Situations will include the patrol vehicle, traffic stop, or working in an area near your squad or other vehicles. In addition to vehicle-related ambush situations, this course will explore other disadvantageous positions that law enforcement officers may find themselves in and how to combat those as well. This course will include both live fire exercises and force on force FTX’s.


  • Critical Pistol and Rifle (July 30-31)

    • This course is designed for the (L.E. Officer or Operator) that desires to push the skill level of their abilities past the basic operation. The 2 – 8 hours days (8 hours Handgun / 8 hours Rifle) move the participant towards updating and mastering the foundational skills necessary for effective weapons handling, while placing them into increasingly “challenging” position of weapons function and operation under stress shooting and movement exercises.

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