• Firearms Instructor Course (August 12-16)

    • This course is for agencies that need to add new instructional staff and/or looking to provide updated training to current training staff. The courses are able to be split into segments for either full instructional certification or to allow currently certified instructional staff to update their skills with new methodology, tactics, and drills. All new instructors must attend the first day of classroom training. Course participants will be trained in lesson plan research, course development, presentation, legal liabilities, POST requirements, record keeping, range safety, and adult learning methodology.  Additional days will be spent on range conducting drills and refining the specific course objectives to enhance learning and instructional skill acquisition. A low Light training segment will be presented during this course.


  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (September 3, 4, 5, 6)

    • This course is designed to certify attendees in emergency vehicle operations as required by the MN Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. Students will receive access to a digital presentation that can be completed at their own pace.  Students must pass (80%+) a written examination of material learned in the presentation prior to attending the practical portion of the training. Prior to driving exercises, students will have time to review their examinations and get their questions answered by instructors. During the practical driving portion, students will refresh their driving skills on a challenging emergency vehicle operations course. The course will conclude with a comprehensive exercise designed to put all the skills students learn to use in a controlled environment.

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